Tyrol Tactics Bootcamps

Posted by NEWS BOT 15. August 2017 in general

This post gets updated after every Bootcamp – latest update: 15.08.2017

To get to a certain level in any sports you have to practice a lot. This rule definitely applies to esports too, therefore we organized our first Bootcamp on the 23rd of October in 2016.

As we are a team many decisions had to be made democratically: The design of our first jerseys as an example.
Also, we had many intern announcements like two Line-Up changes in our main rosters.
To motivate our members we even hosted a small tournament.

In March 2017 we arranged the second and the third Bootcamps. As we had our first official tournament already in sight, we also had to practice more.
We had to announce the roster for the tournament itself and because the LAN was hosted in Vorarlberg, we had to organize cars.
Our current projects like the redesign of our Steam appearance were discussed and we took new profile pictures.
We also had to check the flight details of our trip to Cologne.

On the 30th of July in 2017, we hosted our fourth Bootcamp and spoke about many important topics.
As a first necessary step, we considered that it was time for us to open our team to new members.
Our TeamSpeak server was upgraded and all our members got their own NFC-ID with their player-information saved to it.
We decided to redesign our website and switched to the current appearance.

Our fifth Bootcamp took place on the 15th of August in 2017.
After presenting our new logo to our members we also introduced them to our new interactive area on our website.