LoL - Division 2

Founded 11 Sep 2016

  • 9 Win
  • 2 Loses
  • 0 Tie

About the team

This is our brand-new "League of Legends" team. The former team COS is now playing as our second division in League of Legends and also the principal roster for LoL.
Currently, our LoL team is participating in one Qualifier tournament.

Meet the Roster

all active players in this team
    • mikeschkiller

      Lukas Eder

      mikeschkiller Profile
    • Legolaff

      Riccardo Geisler

      Legolaff Profile
    • Captive Soul

      Matthew Treen

      Captive Soul Profile
    • Bledsau

      Manuel Buchegger

      Bledsau Profile
    • Beat by Dre

      Andre Nuschke

      Beat by Dre Profile

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