eSports MeetUp in Salzburg

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The „esports.meetup“ is normally located in Vienna. We are glad that the hosts choose Salzburg instead of Austria’s capital city as the latest MeetUp location because not all teams have the possibility to get to Vienna on a regular basis. Thanks to „XGS eSports“ Tyrol Tactics was invited to the Red Bull Arena where only a small part of Austria’s ESports scene had access to.

eSport Summit – A networking event in Vienna

The first lecturer was Gabriel Schwarzinger. The member of Austrian Force announced the so-called „eSport Summit“ – a professional networking event on the level of Exhibitions. The summit will be hosted in the headquarters of Austria’s biggest communication provider A1. The event organizers are counting on the ideas and suggestions of the community. „There will be a networking area, a stage with speakers and room for the audience“. More information can be found on

secret information about the Red Bull pLANet one

Red Bull announced exclusive information and details about the pLANet one event in Vienna. The speakers Philipp Simon and Philipp Stockinger declared and explained explicit information and plans to the meetup-attendants. We are not allowed to leak any further information but the official announcement will be published on Tuesday directly on Red Bull’s event website


Red Bull officially announced all details about their event on the homepage.
There will be tournaments in the 7 most popular games:

  • League of Legends (PC)
  • FIFA 19 (PS4)
  • Overwatch (PC)
  • CS:GO (PC)
  • Rocket League (PC)
  • Formula 1 (PS4)
  • Hearthstone (PC)

Tickets start at € 39,00 for regular players, € 49,00 for desks with pre-mounted network cables and power outlets, € 99,00 for the premium category with many features such as provided equipment and access to special areas. Red Bull grants free access to their event for viewers. More information can be found on

Simracing and digital motorsport

The speakers Manuel Wendel and Andre Rajkovic presented the topic Simracing and distinguished racing simulations and racing games. Wendel annotates Simracing offline events like the ADAC Simracing Expo 2017 while he is a Simracer himself. The two speakers talked about the league in the German-speaking-area and about the extremely realistic simulation of racetracks because of special equipment. Rajkovic is the owner of the racing Software GmbH, a company which is specialized in creating various simulations for professional racing teams.

Austria’s eBundesliga

Patrick Lenhart, responsible for marketing operations in Austrian’s football league, talked about the players, viewers, and aims of the electronic soccer league in the latest season. „FIFA 18 was sold 275.000 times in Austria!“ This is a clear indicator of the importance of eSports concerning football.  The last season was played in the so-called 85-mode. All teams and players have the same statistics and are therefore on the same level. For Lenhart this is very important: „The 85-mode stays!“. He wants to have all players to have the same opportunities in the tournament.

eSport Studio

Last but not least the manager of the eSport Studio GmbH Dirk Scharrer and the co-founder of the company Thorsten Zippan showed us interesting facts and graphics about their studio in Munich. The company is a market leader in Germany for eSport content. The most famous projects of the German eSport Studio are a TV production for the FIFA, the biggest German-speaking eSports website „kicker eSport“ and the so-called NGL (National Gaming League), a tournament platform for eSport beginners and Pro-Players. The speakers talked about the approval of eSports in our society and about their views on the future of the scene.