A1 eSports League Qualifier 2

Posted by NEWS BOT 23. März 2019 in Tournament

Today our new League of Legends team League of Legends – Division 2 had their first real challange: Today at 14:00 the second qualifier tournament of the A1 eSports League took place.

Even though we already knew beforehand that playing at a tournament for the first time as a new team would be really difficult, we still wanted to try our best to reach our main goal for the League of Legends Divisions: Being able to play in the A1 eSports League.

While the first game actually was not that hard for our team, our chances decreased dramatically as our opponent for the second match was no one less than Austrian Force who is a well-known eSports organisation in Austria.
As expected we lost the second match and moved on to the loser bracket where our team managed to win two more matches till we, unfortunately, got kicked out of the tournament by Discord Bratkos.

While we, at least for now, were not able to qualify, we still want to congratulate the teams TKA, Tickling Tentacles, WarKidZ Blue, Alpaka, Unicorns of Love who already secured their league slot and the other team who is still to be determined today.