A1 eSports Hub

Posted by NEWS BOT 25. April 2019 in general
As the phenomenon „eSports“ continues to grow globally, many big firms in the IT-Branche start to invest in local teams:
A1, one of Austria’s biggest communication providers, allocates important infrastructure for eSports organisations all over the country.

The so-called „Hubs“ are refurbished structures which are already owned and no longer used by A1. Now they are functioned to be local hotspots for surrounding eSports enthusiasts.
The Hubs will be mainly utilised as a „headquarter“ or „home base“ of one or more organisations which are carefully selected by the initiators of the project Andreas Berlinger and Peter Schafflechner.
Not only is every Hub equipped with numerous high-end gaming setups, each planned location also offers the „host“ organisation a separate streaming area for tournament-casting or content production. Due to the already existing top-notch technological infrastructure of A1, the Hubs are intended to be provided with incomparable rapid and steady internet.
Of course, internet speed can vary remarkably but the measured download-speed in the first Hub was above 700 Mbit/s with a ping as low as 2 (!) ms.

  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 8700
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 OC
  • Alienware 25“ 240Hz monitors
  • gaming keyboards
  • gaming mice
  • wireless headsets

To satisfy gamers who prefer console games like „Super Smash Bros. Ultimate“, „FIFA“ or „Halo“, the Hub in Vienna also offers the opportunity to play on one Nintendo Switch, one PlayStation 4 Pro and even one Xbox One.
The first Hub is located in Vienna and hosted by Private Esports, a well-known organisation in Austria.
While the second Hub in Vorarlberg is about to be opened soon, there are already specific plans for the third Hub.

We are very thrilled to see one of the leading IT-Companies supporting the Austrian eSports scene and are excited about possible new Hubs in the western area of Austria.